Blooming Through Life's Greatest Tragedies

Experience the inspiring and incredible story of miraculous healing, divine intervention, trauma recovery, restoration of a broken marriage, and more. If you or someone you know have struggled through trials, depression, or trauma, this book is for you!


About the Book

How did I get here? Flashbacks of the day were running through Cassidy’s mind. 

She remembered the excitement of the good weather, boat rides, and the diamond-like sparkle on the water. Then it hit her, she remembered the stone entrance at the lake house. Cassidy’s father had given her a clear warning that he received in prayer, “If you see the stone entrance like the one in your dreams, flee for your physical life.” But she didn’t heed the warning that day and it cost her dearly.

Cassidy had been struggling with her faith and was steeped in destructive habits to numb the pain of childhood sexual abuse–eating disorders, pulling, low self-esteem, anxiety, and more. How could God use her life with so many seeds of destruction already planted and wreaking havoc on her new marriage? When it seemed like there was no way out, God made a way through. Cassidy’s determination and sincere hunger for God caused her to bloom through life’s greatest tragedies and He will do the same for you! 



What You Will Learn From I Can, I Have, I Will


How to Deal with Anxiety and Fear

How to Walk Through a Crisis with God's Peace

How to Navigate Difficult Relationship Problems

How to Live According to Your Identity in Christ

How God Can Heal Depression

How to Live in the Truth of Scripture Every Day

How to Accept God's Strength, Even When You Feel Weak 



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Meet The Author

Cassidy Glo Novak, has experienced just about every major trauma any person can, from childhood sexual abuse, a near-death experience, rejection, eating disorders, anxiety, anger issues, a broken marriage, and more. Through it all, she leaned into her faith and God brought her through every single tragedy. Today, Cassidy is the mom of five beautiful children, including identical triplets which she homeschools. She and her husband, Clif, live in Chicagoland where she loves to ride horses with her children on their small farm. Cassidy and Clif also enjoy public speaking and sharing their testimony while also helping to lead worship at their local church.

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To contact Cassidy for public speaking engagements or for general inquiries, please contact her at [email protected]

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Praise for the Book

"What God has done in and through Cassidy’s life is nothing short of incredible! From a miraculous healing, divine intervention, trauma recovery, restoration of a broken marriage, and more. If you are struggling through trials, depression, or trauma, this book is for you!"

– Brian Bougher, Senior Pastor of Thrive Church

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Weeping may last through the night, but joy comes with the morning.

PSALM 30:5